New journal article in JCAL

Our paper on “Delving into instructor-led feedback interventions informed by learning analytics in massive open online courses” with Paraskevi Topali, @Alejandra Martínez-Monéz and Yannis Dimitriadis is now published in the Journal of Computer-Assisted Learning (JCAL) and available online:

  • Our goal was to answer how, to what extent data-driven feedback is provided to learners, and what its impact is.
  • The results of the systematic literature review we conducted revealed a lack of empirical studies exploring LA to deliver feedback, and limited attention on pedagogy to inform feedback practices.
  • Our findings suggest the need for systematization and evaluation of feedback. Additionally, there is a need for conceptual tools to guide instructors’ in the design of LA-based feedback.
  • We point out the need for systematization and evaluation of feedback. We envision that this research can support the design of LA-based feedback, thus contributing to bridge the gap between pedagogy and data-driven practice in MOOCs.